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The Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) faculty and staff are dedicated to facilitating student development of intellectual, moral, and professional standards. This development requires the student to become increasingly responsible for self-directed and engaged learning, thus practicing and achieving academic and professional standards in order to become a highly educated, skilled, and professional nurse. Please see the Academic and Professional Standards Policy for a complete list of all related policies, the student code of conduct, and prohibited conduct.

When academic or professional misconduct is alleged, it is the responsibility of the faculty or staff in either the graduate or undergraduate nursing program or Residence Halls to both discuss the matter with the student and file a written account of the alleged misconduct with the Chairperson of the Academic and Professional Misconduct Committee. The written account will include recommendations for action.

Student peers also have a responsibility to report alleged misconduct .The reporting student, lead instructor or staff member may submit an allegation of misconduct to the Chairperson of the Academic and Professional Misconduct Committee.

Any student that would like to report an issue regarding professional misconduct should contact the Academic and Professional Misconduct Committee:

Beverly Gish, MS, FNP-BC, CNE
Assistant Professor

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