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About Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry program at Mount Carmel College of Nursing is designed to support the faith and spiritual needs of students, faculty and staff. A variety of programs, services and events are offered throughout the year to enhance body, mind and spirit—ranging from regular weekly meetings, Bible Studies and Worship Services to community outreach projects and retreats.

Projects and Programs

  • Weekly Meetings: Meetings are held on Mondays at noon on the Columbus campus. Join us for the opportunity to discuss scripture, plan outreach activities and connect with other students, staff and faculty of all faiths.
  • Retreats: Weekend retreats are an opportunity for you to get away from the demands of school and work. Time is always set aside for personal prayer and reflection, as well as group recreation and discussions.
  • BiblePods: Gather in small groups to study the good word, focusing on the Gospel of Luke and the Psalms.
  • Prayer services: Prayer services are an opportunity to bring students, faculty and staff of all faiths together to pray for current world issues and a variety of personal needs.
  • Community Service Projects: Help us feed the hungry, educate the youth and cleanup the community while spreading God’s love through community service.

Places of Worship

A number of churches, synagogues and mosques are in close proximity to the Columbus campus. The following list is only a few of the many options available. Take a friend and check out some of the local places of worship! Visit any of the following websites for more information about some of the local churches, synagogues and mosques:

Campus Ministry Director


Dr. Ellen O’Shaughnessy is the Director of Campus Ministry at MCCN and also serves as the director of the Downtowners Campus Ministry, meeting the needs of downtown Columbus colleges and universities. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History and Government, Music and French from Ohio Dominican College, a Master of the Arts in Theology from Providence College in Rhode Island and degrees of a Master of Theology in Spiritual Direction and a Master of Divinity from Boston College. Dr. O’Shaughnessy received a Doctorate in Ministry from the Methodist Theological School of Ohio focusing on Group Pastoral Counseling in four of the downtown colleges and universities: MCCN, Columbus State, Franklin University and Capital Law School.


For questions and more information, please contact:

Dr. Ellen O’Shaughnessy
Director of Campus Ministry at Mount Carmel College of Nursing
Director of the Downtowners Campus Ministry serving the downtown Colleges and Universities

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