Tina Marie Cerra

Tina Marie Cerra’s passion for Mount Carmel College of Nursing is almost contagious. As an unconventional three-year student, Tina Marie has worked hard to become a nurse, a profession that she has always felt was meant for her. Before she joined the Mount Carmel family, Tina Marie spent a number of years engaged in humanitarian work in Israel, demonstrating her compassion for helping people early on. During a visit with family, Tina Marie was encouraged on multiple occasions to look into starting a career in healthcare, where she could continue her mission of giving back. After exploring multiple Second Degree programs, Tina Marie found MCCN’s website and attended an open house for the SDAP program. Deciding to instead return for a three-year program, Tina Marie cites that this journey would not have been possible without the help of the generous donors who fund the scholarship program. “Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill a dream.”

She is not only grateful for the generosity of our donors, but also for the amazing support of the faculty and staff at MCCN. “They without a doubt were part of my success here. They were peers, they were willing to speak to me and if I wanted to listen, they were willing to share things that would help me as a student and in my profession and practice. One of my most memorable moments here at Mount Carmel was my interaction with staff and faculty. ”