Brittany Wicker

Brittany Wicker started at Mount Carmel College of Nursing right out of high school with no doubt that nursing was the career that she wanted to pursue. Brittany has worked hard to become a nurse, something that she always knew she wanted to do, but not without the help of donors. “If it wasn’t for the donors, I wouldn’t be here. It relieves stress to not have to work an extra shift or have to find some way to come up with the money to go to school. Every little bit means the world.”

Brittany’s fondest memory is her first day of clinicals, where she remembers feeling nervous and worried. Brittany now says that “Once you actually get in there, you realize that you’re not alone. Coming to where I am now, I realize I had nothing to worry about. I was prepared from Sophomore year on to care for somebody.” She says that she could not have gotten this far without the generosity of those who contributed to her scholarship and is so grateful to all of the donors who have made it possible for her to “finish the race.”