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A leader in nursing education for more than a century, Mount Carmel offers an evidence-based and flexible online Bachelor of Science program designed by expert faculty—all to fit the busy lifestyles and schedules of licensed registered nurses. With full accreditation and a student-first focus, Mount Carmel College of Nursing is committed to advancing nursing careers to meet the critical demands of today’s healthcare environments.

1. How many credits are required for graduation?

A total of 120 semester credits are required for the baccalaureate degree and 90 of those credits are transferred from coursework completed in prior nursing education, including Associate Degree and diploma programs. The MCCN program offers the remaining 30 credits to complete the degree.

2. How long will it take to complete the program?

  • Full time — complete the program in 2 semesters
  • Part time — complete the program in 2 to 3 semesters taking one class per session*

* Courses are offered in 6-week sessions.

There are 3 sessions offered Fall and Spring Semesters; 2 sessions offered during the Summer Semester.

3. What are the student admission requirements?

The RN student must have a current, unencumbered state license. No nursing proficiency or placement exams are required for admission. The applicant must have completed 32 semester credit hours in nursing, 52 semester credit hours in general education courses, and a minimum 2.0 GPA in prior coursework.

4. What are other requirements of the program?

Students must complete the Introduction to Online Learning (free) course prior to starting the curriculum to maximize their opportunity for success in an online study environment.

5. Is tuition assistance available?

Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) RN colleagues may choose from one of two tuition assistance options:

Option 1

One-Year Commitment: MCHS offers tuition reimbursement of $3500 per calendar year for full-time employees and $2000 per calendar year for part-time employees for course grades of “C” or higher. Please see the Mount Carmel Human Resources 760 Tuition Reimbursement and Education Assistance Policy/Procedure for eligibility and application process.

Option 2

Two-Year Commitment: MCHS has an Education Assistance Program — tuition free — for RNs to pursue their RN-BSN from Mount Carmel College of Nursing in return for a two-year commitment to work at Mount Carmel following completion of the degree. Please see the Mount Carmel Human Resources 760 Tuition Reimbursement and Education Assistance Policy/Procedure for eligibility and application process.

Federal aid (loans and grants) is available from the College for eligible students. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online to initiate the federal aid process.

6. How and when do I apply?

Students are admitted before each semester, three times a year. Applications must be submitted online 8 weeks prior to the start of a semester and must be accompanied by a $30 application fee. Applications must be accompanied by college transcripts for all post-secondary coursework.

Upcoming deadlines

7. Who should I contact for more information?

Visit www.mccn.edu/MyRN2BSN or contact:

Peggy Shaw, MSN/ED, BSN, RN
Program Admissions Advisor

Therese Snively, PhD, RN
Program Advisor

Jami Nininger, DNP, RN
Associate Dean, Graduate and Distance Education Programs

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